The Fire Risk In Your Pocket
17 March 2017

Fire risks are so commonly associated with flames, smoke, burning, faulty wiring and flammable materials. We think of unattended cigarette butts or candles as the source of ignition. We also think of flammable liquids such as chip pan fires…

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What is Access Control?
17 February 2017

An article caught my attention the other day: it was a news article about a hotel in Austria that had its access control system hacked and ransomware put in their system. This ransomware is a type of ‘hacking blackmail’, that resulted in the…

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Internet of Things and Smart Security
19 January 2017

Technology is everywhere. It is also growing incredibly fast. It can be almost impossible to keep up with every latest trend that is out there. As soon as something becomes popular, something else replaces it. However, an idea that has gained…

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