Are Our Schools Safe? A Security Perspective
31 October 2016

One of the most potent and natural of instincts is that of protecting children from harm. As a society, we are always terrified by the possibility of harm coming to children (either our own or others children). This puts an extraordinary emphasis…

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Hacking and CyberCrime: Are we safe?
29 September 2016

When people first started to hear the term hacker - or being hacked - as a common phrase it did not conjure an image of fear, panic or dread. The most likely image that was conjured up is that of an inconspicuous person (usually a youth) sitting behind…

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KM Security Solutions PLC Supports the Cumbrian Challenge
13 August 2015

KM Security Solutions PLC is proudly supporting Walking With The Wounded by supplying the security for its annual flagship fundraising event, the ‘Cumbrian Challenge’. The event in the Lake District on 16 May will see teams of four take on…

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