The Life Savers: Smoke Alarms
29 November 2016

By now, everyone knows the valuable life-saving asset that rests above your head; a smoke alarm. We have all seen the campaigns to test your smoke alarms each month just to make sure the battery is still operational. We know…

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Are Our Schools Safe? A Security Perspective
31 October 2016

One of the most potent and natural of instincts is that of protecting children from harm. As a society, we are always terrified by the possibility of harm coming to children (either our own or others children). This puts an extraordinary emphasis…

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Hacking and CyberCrime: Are we safe?
29 September 2016

When people first started to hear the term hacker - or being hacked - as a common phrase it did not conjure an image of fear, panic or dread. The most likely image that was conjured up is that of an inconspicuous person (usually a youth) sitting behind…

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