Facial Recognition Software for Business

1 September 2017

What is it?

Facial recognition software is fairly self-explanatory. Biometric Security Devices describes it as ‘a method of biometric identity verification that is based upon the characteristics of the face’. Essentially, facial recognition software helps businesses and security officers maintain the safety and security of a building, facility or area by enforcing access restrictions and notifying them of the presence of certain people. There are short range and long range systems. Short range systems are primarily used for access control, whilst long range systems are often incorporated into CCTV systems for overall monitoring purposes and the identification of certain visitors. Both systems are useful for businesses that wish to restrict access and enforce security clearance practices.

How does it work?

There are many systems that use various algorithms and features, depending on the purpose. Our sister company, KMFM Technologies, offer both the short range and long range systems. The short range system is an uncomplicated, and consequently popular, form of access control; its process simply involves a member of personnel walking up to a device and standing 1 metre or so away from the reader. The reader then identifies them and either grants – or denies – them access to a building/area. These short range systems can also log people as either staff or visitors so that you can keep track of exactly who is on site and where.

The long range systems typically employ specialist cameras and are commonly used for identifying ‘people of interest’. They are extremely useful for airports, train stations, etc. However, they also have valuable, commercial purposes. Businesses with regular visitors benefit from having facial recognition software installed at their reception/entrance area, for these systems can identify a visitor whilst they move from around 5 metres away. Resultantly, their ID badge can be immediately printed at reception and handed to them before they even reach the desk.

When did it become popular?

Until recently, facial recognition software was primarily found in airports, used to prevent security breaches, terrorist attacks and wanted persons from fleeing the country.  Now we have it on our phones in the form of Snapchat and other social media apps. The various improvements and progressions in technology have made facial recognition software cheaper and more easily attainable. Thus, there has been an increase in the implementation of facial recognition software for commercial and industrial purposes over the past five years. The constant progressions in technology are driving an accelerating need for businesses to have the quickest and the most convenient customer service. Facial recognition software has risen in prestige, becoming somewhat of a beacon for impressive customer service. It is efficient and a coveted form of technology that enhances the personal experience for the customer.

Why use it?

Apart from the obvious security benefits, facial recognition software offers faster verification than other access control systems. People need not carry a card, key or remember a pin. This level of efficiency is terrific for large facilities in which workers are travelling across sites and buildings. Facial recognition software is fast, convenient and secure – when properly maintained and integrated.

Are there any drawbacks?

We have all had a photograph taken in which we do not quite look like ourselves. Lighting, heat and other factors can affect facial recognition readers. Nonetheless, conducting thorough research on your facial recognition software provider and installer should help to ensure that every precaution is taken when your system is installed. Consistent conditions will prevent the likelihood of errors.

For whom is it useful?

There are a multitude of businesses that require different levels of security. Short range facial recognition software is highly useful for sites with multiple facilities and buildings. One could also argue that facial recognition software is critical for businesses which require varying levels of security clearance. These may be hospitals, construction sites, power plants, banks or companies which store high levels of confidential data.  

Besides from the obvious places – airports, train stations, etc. – there are many sites that would benefit long range facial recognition software. If a business regularly receives plenty of deliveries or has a lot of footfall, it can streamline its services with facial recognition software. Suddenly, a business becomes much more efficient and employees have the time to undertake other tasks.  

Where can I get it?

Our sister company, KMFM Technologies Limited, offer facial recognition software as part of their security software packages. They offer both short and long range options that are tailored to suit business size, budget and needs. For more information, see their products here

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