Safety and Security Tips for Business in Winter

22 November 2017

Crime, particularly theft, is known to rise in winter. It’s dark, less people are about, foot traffic decreases, members of staff take time off for Christmas and leave company premises vacant, etc.  Business owners must therefore take appropriate security and safety precautions during those frosty and dark winter months. As a security company, we know how critical it is to think ahead if you want to keep your business safe and secure, so here are our safety and security tips for businesses.


Few things are more mundane than journeying to work in the dark and journeying home in the dark, hardly seeing any daylight at all. Sadly, this is the case for UK commuters during the winter. Security professionals have a whole other lighting issue to deal with though; we must ensure that lights are situated in all appropriate places and that they are programmed to come on at optimum times. This is for security, safety and convenience purposes. Dimly lit warehouses scream ‘easy target’, so businesses must be proactive by evaluating their entire lighting system if they want to take winter safety and security precautions. Lights will deter intruders, make it easier for both staff and cameras to see intruders and make it safer for staff and customers.


CCTV security systems are always worth installing, whatever your business. This is especially true during the Christmas period; most offices are (or hope to be) empty over Christmas, making them prime targets for thieves. The temperamental British winter could also damage any existing CCTV security systems, particularly those older, more vulnerable models. Business owners should inspect their cameras to ensure optimum functionality or have CCTV security systems – that are manufactured to withstand these kinds of conditions - professionally installed. Replace any faulty or weathered units – see our CCTV systems here. You can also purchase CCTV covers online that will help protect your older cameras. Do your research before it’s too late.

On-Site Security Guards

It’s worthwhile for those businesses holding particularly valuable stock or data to employ security guards who can watch over the premises for those longer periods of vacancy and inactivity. If your employees are feasting with their families at home, you will need to outsource this service.  KM Security Solutions boast excellent security services tailored to suit your needs.


You need to make sure your grounds are safe for your staff and customers. This means keeping an eye on the weather forecasts and making the appropriate preparations for gritting. Slippery grounds are a hazard in themselves and something every business should look out for.   

Heating Systems

We all like to have the office heating on in winter. Your staff can’t very well work to their full capabilities if their fingers are numb from the cold! You should have your heating system regularly checked and maintained anyway, but it’s particularly critical to do this as the temperature drops. Make sure your system has an unobstructed and clear means of ventilation to prevent health and safety risks such as fires and gas leakages. 

Off-Site Storage

Thieves are highly aware of the fact a lot of office premises are empty over the Christmas period. Therefore, a good security tip for businesses is to look into off-site storage facilities they can use during this period. Confidential data, expensive technology, specialist supplies, etc. would make a very merry Christmas for some criminals, at the expense of your wallet and reputations.

Access Control

Access control is extremely valuable for businesses, particularly those that operate on different levels or across different areas. It also comes in very handy during winter; having a system in place which ensures that the right people have access to the appropriate areas decreases the amount of unnecessary foot traffic. You staff won’t need to brave the cold in their mission to locate whoever has the key they require. They will have access. Our access control systems can also log who is where and when, minimising the amount of time you need to spend traversing the slippery grounds in search of someone.

Business owners have a responsibility to their staff, and themselves: to ensure they are working under the best, securest and safest conditions possible. Security is not a one-time job but something that needs to be monitored and adapted to suit environmental changes. Try our safety and security tips for businesses yourselves, or contact us for some specialist advice.

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