Security Tips For Universities

11 June 2018


Security In Halls

Student accommodation is always a target for burglaries. That is why all you onsite student facilities management need to properly inform students straight away about security precautions in an induction. This should include the importance of locking doors and windows, it is vital to explain to them that even if they are “only popping to the shops for five minutes” locking their doors is vital, someone could steal their valuables in a few seconds. Students are care-free when they first arrive at university and in-depth security information needs to be delivered, they need to be made aware fully of the fact that they are in a new environment with new people that they don’t know properly. Burglaries are less common in student halls however according to The Complete University Guide, It is estimated that a third of students become victims of crime, mainly theft and burglary, and about 20 percent of student robberies occur in the first six weeks of the academic year.

Universities and their student unions should conduct talks about street awareness and security. Walking to and from university with laptops in an obvious laptop bag and on show instantly makes students a target for thieves. Yes, it is a real thing and being street aware is very significant. These talks should help raise awareness, particularly when freshers week hits.

Additionally, other aspects of security in halls that should be considered are fire safety. All fire alarms should be working properly, and fire blankets and extinguishers provided by law. Furthermore, students should be educated about what to do in the event of a fire and where to go when exiting the building.


Security On Campus

All too often universities have lacked proper security systems which have led to an increase in theft. There are various security systems a university can put in place to help secure the student environment. Firstly it all starts at reception, the front of the building, by having a manned reception with CCTV it can help identify people walking into the building and help prevent random people from entering. Many modern style universities do not have this in place, which puts their students in danger for targeted theft. Furthermore, to implement access control and door entry systems within the campus is highly beneficial. This could be done via key cards where the student would only be granted specific access based on the course they are studying and what rooms or lecture halls they need to be in. This would help with controlling and knowing who is in the building at all times.

Secondly, CCTV cameras are often overlooked and not used or are just simply broken and not in use around the campus. Having these fully functional and located in various locations can help combat theft. 

The university shuttle bus is a great transport service used by many students for ease and convenience. They usually even run until 12 or 1am. All you grounds facility managers should speak with the student union to arrange secure transport for onsite events such as Grad Ball. In addition, facility managers should be educating students about general onsite campus security. This should include the importance of not leaving doors wedged open, fire safety and how to respond to different situations.  


 Security shouldn’t be overlooked...

From the student halls to the campus security should not be compromised. With an increase in crime rates, universities are forming the main attraction due to the number of expensive items everybody owns. The need for stricter and more varied security systems is more of a necessity, additionally, facility managers delivering and educating young people about procedures proves an important role.

There are many handy tools which can even tell you about burglaries in the area which can help you see what you can put in place and whether it would be worth putting in extra security measures. Tools including The Money Supermarket student burglarly hotspots tool which allows you to enter your university name and see what areas around the university are burglary hotspots. Security systems are very beneficial and serve a great purpose for large environments where it may be harder to keep track of people entering buildings.

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